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The oak logs we use for the production of barrel merrain originate from the most prestigious French forests in central France, Vosges, Paris Basin, Normandy, and the most beautiful forests in Southwest France.
The fellin areas are carefully selected by our experienced buyers.

Upon arrival on the production site, the logs are stored at the yard and watered to preserve them, then they are brought to our factory lot by lot (to follow their traceability from the forest to the finished product). They are then cut according to size requirements, then split quarter by quarter and shaped to become bareeel merrain that is selected by our teams depending on the grain.
Stacked in the open air for 24 to 36 months, the products benefit from washing by rain and drying by wind and sun, that tighten the wood grain and purge it of its sap. By becoming hard the fibres distill various woody and tannic flavours.

Our expertise in this area and the quality of our products are recognized by professionals. Our barrel merrain products are sold to the most important cooperages and exported all over the world.
In addition, we also produce a wide range of alternative products (staves, chips, etc…) for the wine making-process in stainless steel tanks or other container.

Assembled by a master cooper, merrain is shaped (staves and funds). They constitute the oak barrels used for maturing wines and spirits.

Geographical origin, fineness of grain and maturation contribute to the development of specific oenological results, according to customers demand.

Temperature, duration and control of heating (which bends the staves) participate in revealing the complexity and intensity of the aromatic compounds and produce a fine harmony between wood and wine.