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SA LAPASSADE, PEFC certified, specialized in logging of French, European and tropical woods. Our company has its own human and material resources to carry out the operations sections (loggers – skidder – forestry tractors – logging trucks – …).

Woods evaluated, selected and purchased in standing, from the most important French forests: Centre – Normandy – Vosges – Southwest (including IRATY forest, located around 60 km from our main factory and headquarters, which is the largest beech forest in Europe with its 20,000 ha).

These forests are primarily managed by the ONF (National Forestry Office) in respect of the environment and sustainable management of forest resources (practice selective logging – reforestation).

Based on quantitative and qualitative requirements, the exploited woods are routed to our mills to be cut, or sold in logs of various species:

Beech (all grades: peeling – sawn timber – slicing)
– Oak (idem)
– Ash (idem)
– Other Hardwoods (idem)
– Poplar (idem)
– Softwood (idem)

Sales of logs are carried out “roadside” or “Franco destination” (according to customers demand).